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Luke Skywalker
03 June 2006 @ 05:27 pm
Luke didn't move again until Han was well out of sight.

He told me enough-

When did eventually become Jedi for never?

Then he hit the nearest tree as hard as he could, with a slight whimper of frustration (and also because he'd hurt his hand), and trudged down to the beach, his peaceful state of mind quite broken.

[For Obi-Wan, dated to June 2nd after this. To be slowtimed as long as necessary.]
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Luke Skywalker
However strange the situation, one thing was absolutely fundamental to Luke Skywalker. He needed to fly.

So he'd run Beggar's Canyon one more time, by himself; with Biggs away (he won't be out of the Academy yet; I wonder if we can find him...?) there wasn't anyone else from this place and time that he especially cared to spend time with. He'd gone through it faster and more perfectly than ever before, and now it was done he felt unbelievably light.

Did you really walk in the sky?

But from this vantage point he'd caught sight of a more landbound craft, moving in a way that suggested searching, and known in a way he'd really missed knowing things who was in it, and that he couldn't put off this meeting any longer.

"What were you thinking, Luke?" Owen Lars began, clearly not at all amused. "You can't just go running off like that!"

"I'm sorry," said Luke, "I had to, it would take too long to explain why, but I had to. And I'm as safe with Ben as I'm ever likely to be anywhe-"

"Ben Kenobi?" That had not improved his guardian's temper at all. "Look, I don't know what that old wizard's been telling you, but-"

"I know, Uncle." It was quiet, but forceful enough to dominate the conversation. "The things people lied about, or just let me believe or didn't mention- I know them all now, or most of them. And I know why you all did it, even if I don't like it, but I don't need that kind of protecting and I don't need to stay here anymore!"

It was entirely possible he had startled them both with that. Owen seemed to have nothing to say to it. And Luke couldn't maintain any kind of sternness in the face of his own memories, and soon gave in and embraced his uncle, which seemed to startle him even more (the Larses had never been the most demonstrative of families.)

"I'll fix that valve, though," he promised.

Apart from anything else, he needed to see Aunt Beru again too.
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Luke Skywalker
08 May 2006 @ 04:27 pm
In the caves, there was a sign that read "Dock for Millennium Falcon". Luke thought that was kind of funny. Apart from anything else, the ship in question certainly wouldn't fit into this space.

What was more relevant, there was only one person on the island who would label their living space that, and they desperately needed to talk. So he appropriated the only proper place to sit for himself, made himself comfortable, and waited for his friend's return.
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